Airedale Opticians

We are Independent Optometrists in Keighley Town Centre & Crosshills Village, Yorkshire.

We provide the local community with the highest standard of eyecare using the very latest in eye examination technology, coupled with the latest in spectacle lenses, designer glasses and contact lens technology with dedicated and professional staff.

Both the owners Mohammed and Sarah are registered Optometrists – with over 30 years combined experience in the optical profession. ‘We spend time to explain all the results using the very latest technology and if needed correct your vision with the latest in digitally designed lenses. We are the ONLY Opticians locally using OCT technology to give you the best Eyecare and Visioffice to give you the latest lenses’.

Our dedicated, knowledgable and professional support staff – with over 20 years combined experience, are always on hand to provide you with the best product and advice in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Being Independent allows us to offer impartial advice on all your eyecare needs, from accessories and magnifiers to vitamin supplements and eye drops. Our independence also enables us to provide you with the most appropriate product available on the market for you – sourcing them locally, nationally or internationally.

Our comprehensive Advanced Eye Examination is at the heart of our service. With the prevalance of age related eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Diabetic eye disease and Macular degeneration visiting your local Optometrist for an eye examination has never been so important.

Our Advanced Eye Examination utilises the latest in diagnostic equipment and combines proven research from journals & courses attended by our Optometrists to provide YOU with the latest in advice on how to keep your eyes healthy & vision great. We are also able to detect the signs of any problems much earlier than a basic eye test allowing us to get you treated much earlier to prevent any permanent visual loss.

We are involved with many shared care schemes with our neighbouring Hospitals and GP Medical Practices. These include the Glaucoma Monitoring Scheme, The Ocular Hypertensive Monitoring Scheme, Direct Cataract Referral, Macular Degenration Urgent Referral and the Referral Refinement Scheme. The Referral Refinement scheme allows us to undertake further tests in our practice – as an NHS patient, thus reducing the unneccessary waiting times at the Hospital Eye Department.

Our mission is to help you to see perfectly, look great and give you the individual care and attention you deserve.

Our Testimonials

We are very proud of our services. Please take a moment to read about what our clients feel about Airedale Opticians.

Cross Hills Branch

Exceptional service and a very thorough eyetest. 100% better than Specsavers.

- LD

Never had better service and attention before. Will recommend to everyone.

- EW

What a pleasant experience! Friendly and efficient. Super.

- JD

Pleasant experience. Love coming, very helpful.

- LW

Excellent service from all the staff.

- PW

Excellent service, friendly staff.

- IA

Sarah & Gill were professional and reassuring, it was an excellent experience. Thank you.

- CH

Many thanks to Mr Hafejee and all his staff for their help.

- HG

Keighley Branch

Always helpful. Quality comes first. Staff all informed on all subjects.

- DB

I have been coming here for many years now and I highly recommend Airedale Opticians for top quality service with brilliant friendly staff giving individual expert advice on eye care and glasses.

- RA

Excellent friendly service.

- LB

My first test with Airedale Opticians and very impressed all round. A very thorough test (I hope) and an OCT that I thought very worthwhile. My new glasses arrived within a week. Grrat service, nice people and I recommend them to anyone who reads this.

- MC

First time with Airedale but an excellent service. Thank you.

- ST

The quality of your service is excellent I am more than happy and would recommend Airedale Opticians to anyone.

- IT