Emergency Eyecare

We offer comprehensive emergency eyecare appointments, to identify and refer a condition.

Emergency Appointments

If you are concerned about a sudden change in your vision, an increase in flashing lights or floaters, redness, or pain in your eyes, we can provide a thorough check of the eyes and vision in an Emergency Appointment. The appointment incorporates all of the thorough checks of our advanced eye examination as well as allowing the time us to dilate your eyes for a more thorough inspection and in the case of a condition requiring urgent treatment, the time to contact an Ophthalmologist at the Hospital Eye Services or your private provider directly, to make a same-day referral for immediate care.

Unique to Airedale Opticians in the Keighley area, our 3D Eye Scan is a powerful tool in helping to identify ocular emergencies and this will be recommended during your emergency eye appointment. It allows us to make a comprehensive 3D scan of the eye, to spot issues that might not otherwise be visible and provide high levels of detail to the Hospital Eye Service if required. Patients who have had a 3D Scan at their appointment previously will benefit from being able to compare different scans and identify even minor changes.

A 3D OCT Scan at Airedale Opticians in Crosshills that helped to identify a patient's Wet AMD and allowed for a rapid referral for treatment.

If you have an eye concern, please telephone the practice directly – one of our trained staff will discuss your symptoms and will try and make an appointment as soon as possible for you. It is not recommended that you drive to an emergency appointment, as dilating the pupils (using drops to temporarily enlarge them and allow us a clearer view) can lead to blurry vision for several hours. Please be aware however that the local Eye Casualty department for Keighley and Crosshills is the Bradford Royal Infirmary and you may need to make arrangements to be driven there immediately following your appointment if a same-day referral is required.

The NHS in this region does not fund local emergency eye check-ups for any patients, even those otherwise eligible for NHS funded eye tests. Emergency eye test appointments are only available at optician’s practices on a private basis. See our private fees page for details.

Ocular Emergencies

There are many causes of eye conditions, some that can occur quickly and spontaneously or as a result of trauma, others can be caused by ageing, illness or medication and may develop over a period of time. Some symptoms such as floaters, people may experience naturally for many years, but if they suddenly appear or become considerably worse, this is important to get checked.

Symptoms of concern include:

  • Flashes in the edges of the vision.
  • A rapid onset of dark floaters.
  • Sudden vision loss – either across the whole eye or in areas of vision.
  • Distortion of vision – straight lines appearing curved.
  • Sudden onset of double vision.
  • Red eyes, including blood visible on the white part of the eye.
  • Severe pain or discomfort in the eye.
  • Lumps on the eye or the eyelids.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it is important to seek medical advice. While many eye conditions have no long lasting effects, some can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated immediately. An emergency eye appointment at Airedale Opticians allows us to carry out a thorough inspection of the eye and make rapid referrals to the hospital eye departments if required.

Outside of our working hours, please contact your GP practice or telephone the NHS 111 number for advice. The nearest eye casualty departments for Keighley and Crosshills are Bradford Royal Infirmary and Burnley General Hospital.