Airedale Opticians

An Independent Approach

Family owned and run, Airedale Opticians is proud to be independent – we are independent of corporate sales targets, independent of contracted ties to any lens or frame suppliers and independent of the big business mindset. Instead we can be flexible and adaptive, to give our patients the best products and services that they deserve.

Independent Eyecare

Our Optometrists, Mohammed and Sarah, work exclusively for Airedale Opticians and we never use locum or agency staff, so you can always be sure of getting the same high quality eye care every time you attend for an appointment. We allow our optometrists double the industry standard time – giving an average of forty minutes for an adult eye examination and twenty for a child’s test, so they have time to carry out detailed tests and analysis, rather than just rushing through a tick box exercise.

Our senior practice staff, Angie, Gill and Tim, each have many years of experience in optical practice and are trained to offer advice on the products and services most suited for you and not just aiming for sales targets.

Our small team ethos means that you can ask to see the same person every time you attend and we can offer a unique continuity of care.

Find out more about our close-knit team on our meet the team page.

Independent Eyewear

We stock a frequently changing frame range, hand chosen by the practice staff, we look to avoid duplication and we carry a number of exclusive frame ranges not readily available in the region, so you won’t be wearing the same design as everybody else.

See a selection of our frames on our frames page.

When it comes to your spectacle lenses, we can source lenses from over a dozen different production labs, each with their own range of lens designs. This allows us to carefully choose the best lens for your prescription and requirements and to offer a wide spectrum of price and quality.

See more on our introduction to lenses page.

Innovative Services

In addition to the eye examinations, our optometrists are able to carry out a range of specialist, additional services, not readily available elsewhere, which can offer a life changing difference to you vision or eye health. Click on the links for our webpages with more information.

  • Our 3D OCT and Optos Ultrawide Scans lets our optometrists view the delicate back of the eye in tremendous detail, helping them spot the earliest stages of many eye conditions, including glaucoma and macular degeneration.
  • The Noctura Sleep Mask is a major new development in diabetic eye care, offering proven reduction in the risk of retinal damage which can cause permanent vision loss.
  • Orthokeratology uses a contact lens worn overnight, to allow you the freedom to be spectacle and lens free for the following day.
  • MySight Myopia Control uses pioneering new contact lenses to slow down increasing short sight in children and young adults.
  • More than just recommending eye drops, our Dry Eye Consulation can include fitting of tear duct plugs to slow down production or drainage of tears and provide a long term solution rather than just short term relief.
  • A Blephex clean is like a scale and polish for the eyelids, taking away build-up of debris caused by Blepharitis and providing instant relief and with daily management, long-term comfort from this chronic condition.
  • Visual Stress Tests for adults and children can identify the need for coloured overlays and tinted spectacles that can help with reading.
  • Happy to Talk

    If you would like any more information about any of the products or services that we offer, we are happy to talk. No call centres, no receptionists – you can contact the practices directly on the phone numbers above to speak directly to one of our practice team who will be pleased to assist with any queries. If you prefer, you can request an appointment or make a query via our online contact page.

    Don't just take our word for it - our testimonials

    We are very proud of our services. Please take a moment to read about what our clients feel about Airedale Opticians.

    Cross Hills Branch

    Exceptional service and a very thorough eyetest. 100% better than Specsavers.

    - LD

    Never had better service and attention before. Will recommend to everyone.

    - EW

    What a pleasant experience! Friendly and efficient. Super.

    - JD

    Pleasant experience. Love coming, very helpful.

    - LW

    Excellent service from all the staff.

    - PW

    Excellent service, friendly staff.

    - IA

    Sarah & Gill were professional and reassuring, it was an excellent experience. Thank you.

    - CH

    Many thanks to Mr Hafejee and all his staff for their help.

    - HG

    Keighley Branch

    Always helpful. Quality comes first. Staff all informed on all subjects.

    - DB

    I have been coming here for many years now and I highly recommend Airedale Opticians for top quality service with brilliant friendly staff giving individual expert advice on eye care and glasses.

    - RA

    Excellent friendly service.

    - LB

    My first test with Airedale Opticians and very impressed all round. A very thorough test (I hope) and an OCT that I thought very worthwhile. My new glasses arrived within a week. Grrat service, nice people and I recommend them to anyone who reads this.

    - MC

    First time with Airedale but an excellent service. Thank you.

    - ST

    The quality of your service is excellent I am more than happy and would recommend Airedale Opticians to anyone.

    - IT