Our Promise

These are our standards of care and service and the unique benefits that you’ll receive at Airedale Opticians.


You will receive the care from General Optical Council & College of Optometrists registered Optometrists who both entered this field out of a passion to help people see, rather than meet a corporate quota for total patients seen in a day. Your long term vision health is always our first priority.

Be Seen

Like a well-tailored suit or designer handbag, we view eyewear as a melding of form and function. Regardless of your age, activities or personal style, we will always fit you with eye wear that enhances how you look. We want you to have glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses that you can’t wait to wear.

Be treated like a person

You are an individual and not just a number or name in an appointment book. Providing first-rate eye and vision care for life means learning your health and medical history, finding out your hobbies and activities and understanding your personal style. This cannot be done in 15 minutes and we believe this sets us apart from the multiple corporate chains. We find that our patients and clients appreciate the extra attention and are more satisfied with their vision and eye wear because of it.

Get comprehensive examinations

Benefit from the most comprehensive vision and eye health examinations in Keighley and Bradford. Because we carefully manage our daily appointments, we avoid overbooking. Most Opticians aim to fit in 3-4 eye tests per hour — we deliberately limit ourselves to a maximum of two, with buffers built-in to provide plenty of room for the unexpected. This ensures a much more thorough eye examination and more one-on-one time with our Optometrist.

Be matched

Be matched with expressive eye wear that fits you like a glove.

We will not up-sell you on eye wear that doesn’t compliment your face, clashes with your personal style or fails to meet your lifestyle and activity needs. No matter how much you might love a frame or sunglass, if it doesn’t work on you, we will tell you. We would rather have you walk out in a less-costly frame that looks terrific on you, then push you into something more expensive that doesn’t work. You wear our reputation on your face every day and we take that very seriously.

Freedom to choose

Have the freedom to choose your look from our premier collection of designer glasses and sunglasses hand-picked by Airedale Opticians Optometrists and Dispensing staff. Each spectacle frame and sunglass has to meet our exacting standards for quality, style and fit. If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves, it won’t be in our display case.

Be at your convenience

Experience high quality, personalised eyecare that respects your time. Our customers/patients range from busy professionals to time-strapped mums, company directors and professional athletes. We work hard to accommodate the busy schedules of all of our patients. That’s why we are open on weekends. We want to make it convenient and easy to take care of your eyes.

Feel secure with our Airedale Opticians Pledge

Our goal is to always help you see. If you aren’t satisfied with your contact lens or glasses prescription, we’ll continue to work with you to get it right. Prescriptions are part science and part art — sometimes it takes a little tweaking.