Childrens Eyecare

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive care for young eyes.

Childrens Eye Tests at Airedale Opticians

At Airedale Opticians we treat children’s eye checks with the same importance as adults and like with our adult tests, we like to do things differently.

  • Extended testing times – up to 20 minute slots for children allows our optometrists time to thoroughly examine their eyes to check health and ensure the correct vision.
  • Flexible format – we adjust the testing for the age and development of the child, making them comfortable and ensuring the best results.
  • No minimum age – we can test children from a young age with picture charts and other techniques.
  • We have experience with seeing children with learning and developmental disabilities including non-verbal conditions.
  • We can provide extra private testing including Visual Stress Testing to assist with dyslexia or Myers-Irlen syndrome.

Children’s Eyewear

Long gone are the days when children had two pairs of glasses to choose from – we carry a range of over 100 glasses for children, with a wide variety of NHS funded pairs as well as designer upgrades including RayBan and Oakley.

We carry a selection of extra-small baby fitting frames for very young children and welcome NHS Hospital Eyecare vouchers. Our Dispensing Opticians will be able to assist with choosing and fitting.

Contact Lenses for Children

We are experienced at teaching contact lens wear for children including pre-teen ages. We have a very wide range of lenses available, including speciality Myopia Control and Ortho-K lenses. As every child is different – please ask for more details during an eye exam or call in with their prescription.

Sports and Speciality Eyewear

We can provide prescription swimming goggles and activity spectacles for all age-groups. Please contact us for more information.