Advanced Private Eye Examinations

Don’t compromise on the health or vision of your eyes

For many patients and opticians’ practices, the eye test has become a quick ‘tick box’ exercise designed to find a prescription and sell glasses; you can be in and out within 15 minutes.

At Airedale Opticians we do things differently.

  • We allow extra time – twice the national average in fact, with 40 minute slots for most appointments.
  • Extra time means an unrushed consultation, giving us time to focus on your eye health and measuring an accurate prescription.
  • The practice is owned and run by our optometrists, Mohammed and Sarah, each with over 10 years experience.
  • All eye exams are performed by an experienced optometrist, never a locum and you can see the same optometrist with each visit.
  • Our practice team are permanent, experienced and well trained, so all are able to assist with any queries about your eyes or your eyewear.

3D OCT & Optos Ultrawide Scans

We uniquely offer two digital eye scans to provide the most comprehensive check of your eye health – more details are available on our Retinal Scans page, or ask the staff for more details when you are booking or attend for your appointment.

Our Advanced Eye Examination fees reflect the extra time that we allow for the appointments and the greater Experience, Knowledge and Equipment we use. See our private fees page for more details.