Eyecare Products for Happy Healthy Eyes

At Airedale Opticians we carry an extensive range of drops, solutions, supplements and products to help sufferers of dry, itchy and watering eyes. Below is a selection of our core range which you will find in both practices, other products are available and we can order stock in if you have a specific requirement.

All of the ranges we carry were chosen for their quality and we update our product ranges based on customer experiences and feedback. We don’t just sell these items, we provide expert advice on which of the solutions will be best for you, to keep your eyes happy and healthy.

If you are struggling, our specialist Dry Eye Appointments allow us a chance to carry out a detailed examination of the causes of your dry eye and recommend drops or treatment that can provide long term relief.

Eye Drops

The Hycosan range

The most popular dry eye drop on the market, Hycosan is preservative free and uses a patented bottle design with an easy to use ‘one click’ mechanism that delivers a precise drop each time and avoids wastage – ask in practice for a demonstration. Each bottle contains 225 doses and lasts for up to six months once opened, the drops are safe to use with contact lenses.

Hycosan Original in the blue bottle is the all-purpose eye drop. Designed to help relieve mild cases of dry eye, it comes with a thick, viscous drop that causes no blurring of vision.

Hycosan Extra in the red bottle is the extra strength drop, it is four times thicker than Hycosan Original and provides relief from severe cases of dry eye with only minimal blurring of vision.

Hycosan Plus in the green bottle is specially formulated to help heal damaged corneas, including after eye surgery such as cataract removal. It contains 2% Dexpanthenol, which is a derivative of vitamin B5, which when applied to the eye, has been shown to have a beneficial effect on wound healing.

Hycosan Dual in the purple bottle is designed for patients with allergic conditions affecting their eyes, such as hayfever or allergic conjunctivitis. It is the only eyedrop to combine the active ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate and Extoin to form a natural dual barrier against environmental allergens such as pollen or dust particles.

Thealoz Duo
Thealoz Duo

Combining the proven comfort and health benefits of the popular Thealoz and Hyabak range of eye drops, Thealoz Duo is preservative free, safe to use with contact lenses and available in three different forms. The easy to carry and squeeze 10ml bottle contains 300 drops and can be used for up to three months from opening. A pack of 30 single doses offers great flexibility for occasional use. Thealoz Duo gel provides a longer lasting dose, ideal for over night use.

The components:
Hyabak is a hydrating formula designed to match the make-up and PH balance of the eye’s natural tears and provide quick, natural relief from dry eye.

Thealoz contains trehalose, which is used in nature by species in very dry environments to allow them to retain and replenish their cells with water. Applied to the eye, it helps the cells of the cornea to retain their water supplies and reduces the long-term discomfort of dry eye.

Xailin Fresh

Xailin Fresh contains carmellose (artifial tears) and is designed to provide comfort from and relieve the symptoms of dry eye as well as protecting the surface of the eye during healing, after scratches or damage.

The box contains 30 single-dose vials allowing for precise application and use as and when required.

Systane Gel Drops

Systane Gel drops are designed for comfort from severe cases of dry eye. Designed to be used in conjunction with regular eye drops during the day, they are long lasting and ideal for overnight use.

EyeLogic Eye Spray

Most cases of dry eye occur when the protective lipid layer, or tear film, is not properly forming on the surface of the eye, allowing the tears to evaporate too quickly and leaving the eye exposed. The EyeLogic Eye Spray replenishes the lipid layer and helps to naturally keep the tear film in place, relieving the discomfort of dry eye and helping to prevent damage to the cornea.

If you struggle with using eye drops, or find them inconvenience when on the move, the eye spray is far more simple – it is just sprayed onto the closed eyelids when required. The bottle contains at least 100 doses and will last up to six months from opening.

Eyelid Hygenie

Blephasol Range
The Blepha Range

This popular range of eyelid hygiene products is designed to combat blepharitis, but can also be used for daily eyelid cleaning and as a preservative and perfume-free make-up removing system. The range is safe to use with contact lenses.

Blephasol is the core product, containing a water-based lotion that is applied to the eyelids with a cotton-wool pad and requires no preparation or rinsing. Used twice daily, it will reduce the discomfort of blepharitis and dry-eye. Also available as Blephasol Duo containing a pack of cotton pads.

Blephaclean is a pack of wipes infused with the Blephasol formula. The wipes are individually wrapped, allowing you to carry them with you, for use whenever required. Ideal for day trips and holidays.

Blephagel has the cleaning benefits of the rest of the range, along with an instant cooling relief, it is recommended for sufferers of severe blepharitis.

Ocusoft Plus

The Ocusoft range is designed to gently remove dirt and debris from the eye lids, helping to prevent inflammation and dry eye symptoms. Ocusoft Plus additionally contains PHMB and Symdiol which have been shown to kill Demodex mites which can be a cause of blepharitis and irritation. The range is preservative free and safe to use with contact lenses.

Ocusoft Plus Foam Cleanser comes in an easy to use bottle with up to 121 doses. The formula instantly foams on the finger and can be applied directly to the eyelids. Applied once daily, it can be rinsed, or left on for the best effects.

Ocusoft Plus Lid Scrub Wipes a pack of 20 individually sealed wipes with the same formula allows you to carry the solution more conveniently, ideal for when you are travelling.

Ocusoft Oust Demodex Cleanse adds Teatree oil to the formula, proven to kill and remove demodex mites from the eyelids.


Designed for easing Blepharitis caused by demodex mites, Cliradex contains an isolate of teatree oil known as T40, which is highly effective at killing demodex mites and reduces the other side effects that can be caused by raw teatree oil.

Cliradex Wipes contain the T40, along with eyelid cleansing solution, removing other debris and bacteria from the eyelids as your clean your eyes.

The Eyebag
The Eyebag

Many cases of dry eye are connected to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The Meibomian glands produce an oily secretion onto the surface of the eye which helps to stop your tears from evaporating away too quickly and helps to keep the eye lubricated and comfortable. These glands can often become blocked as the oils become hardened, so the tears on the eye do not do their job properly, leading to dry eye conditions including blepharitis. The solution is to apply heat to the eyes, to melt the blockages and allow the glands to work as normal.

The Eye Bag is the original and best product on the market for helping to soothe dry and uncomfortable eyes. Simply heat in a microwave and place over the eyes, it will stay warm for up to ten minutes, enough time to melt the blockages in the glands and provide relief. This lasts longer than a hot flannel and without the mess. The Eye Bag was designed and is manufactured in West Yorkshire with all-natural and locally sourced flax, it is the best selling eye care product at Airedale Opticians, making it easy for us to recommend for all dry eye sufferers.

Eye Health Supplements

Macushield range

Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a potentially very serious eye condition that affects up to 1 in 10 people over the age of 65 – read more on our Macular Degeneration Page. Although there is currently no medical treatment for the most common ‘dry’ version of the condition, studies have shown that dietary-sourced carotenoids Meso-zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin and Lutein can help to support the Macula, preventing or limiting the onset of AMD. The Macushield range provides a selection of daily supplements and are the only ones on the market to contain meso-zeaxanthin, which is hardest to find in a normal diet. They are recommended for anyone with early stage AMD and research has shown that supplementing dietary intake of the carotenoids can aide vision even in those without AMD.

Macushield is the original formulation with a once-a-day tablet, available in a 30 or 90-day pack. Macushield Vegetarian contains the same ingredients, without the gelatin casing.

Macushield Gold is the latest development, using information from the large scale AREDS2 study into AMD. In three tablets, taken daily, it adds Vitamin C (500mg), Vitamin E (400IU), Zinc (25mg) and Copper (2mg) to the existing formula, to enhance its effectiveness.

Nutrof 1 packaging
Nutrof 1

Nutrof 1 is a great value and high quality eye dietary health supplement containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin to support the macula as well as zinc, copper and vitamins C and E to help with the healthy function of the eye. The once daily capsule provides important nutrients to support eye health for life.

LAGAD Lacrima packaging
LAGAD Lacrima

Lacrima is a specially designed supplement for sufferers of Dry Eye, containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to improve the nutrition of the cornea and maintain the comfort of the tear film.

The active ingredients include GLA from Borage oil and Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil which support normal tear secretion, Alpha lipoic acid which helps to protect the cornea and increase the stability of the tear film, vitamins C and E protect the macula from free radicals and further supports the tear film.

Lacrima also includes Zinc which helps to protect the eye tissues from age related wear and tear and promotes good eye health. Uniquely for an eye health product, the zinc is microencapsulated, so it does not react with the fish oils in the tablet and prevents fishy odours and allows for a longer shelf life.

Eye Ointments

Eye Ointments
Eye Ointments for Night time use

For dry eye sufferers, discomfort can build-up overnight, leading to very dry and painful eyes in the morning. Overnight ointments contain liquid paraffin (mineral oil) which provides a transparent layer on the surface of the eye, helping to reduce this irritation. The ointments are also recommended for sufferers of corneal epithelial erosion to help protect the cornea overnight and relieve some of the associated discomfort.

Due to the popularity of the ointments, some brands do become unavailable for short periods, we therefore carry a selection of ointments so that there is always an equivalent product in stock, please ask a colleague in practice for more information if you cannot see the product you normally use.

Our range includes Hycosan Night (formerly VitA-pos), Xailin Night and Lacri-lube.

While we always try to maintain stock of all of these eyecare products, some may occasionally be unavailable. If you are wanting to purchase a specific product, please telephone the practices to confirm current stock.