Introduction to Lenses

From Freeform to Varifocals, we make senses of lenses for you

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The vast array of choices available when choosing lenses can make it seem like a minefield, there are so many spectacle lenses available – in our core lens range alone we have access to over 300 different lens types – with a range of coating and design options available for each as well. Within this selection there is a lens for every possible need – some lenses are better suited to certain frames and different lens manufacturers are better at different things.

At Airedale Opticians we don’t leave you to struggle with these important decisions – we use our dispenser’s and optometrist’s years of experience within the world of optics to find and recommend the lenses that are most suitable for your eyes and your requirements.

There is no single lens that will suit everybody and to make a recommendation we need to consider your prescription, frame choice, what you want from the lenses and what lenses you are wearing at the moment. If you book in for an eye examination, your optometrist will recommend the best lenses for you, based on their findings and discussion with you, your dispenser will help to fine tune those recommendations based on your choice of frame and further discussions.

If you are bringing in a prescription, one of our dispensers will be happy to go through the lens options available to you and make recommendations. If you are looking for a specific lens design or manufacturer, please ask, we can offer lenses from all of the major suppliers.