Varifocal Lenses

The latest in technology providing the clearest Varifocal vision

What is a varifocal?

A varifocal lens contains different powers across the surface of the lens. They are designed for patients over forty to give clear vision straight ahead and reading vision when looking down to read. With intermediate (computer) vision inbetween.

There is not one single design of varifocal, they can be made and formed in many different ways by lens companies, using different principles and technologies..

Why Choose Airedale Opticians for your Varifocals?

The Range of lenses

  • Different varifocal lens designs suit different people, different lifestyles, hobbies and even frame types.
  • As an Independent provider, we can source the widest range of varifocal designs, so there is something to suit everyone.
  • We have access to speciality lenses including very high prescription powers, lenses suitable for extra large or very curved frames.
  • We can provide and special additions not readily available at other opticians – including Transitions Xtractive, mirrored finishes and polarised varifocals in a range of colours.

The Recommendations

  • We monitor new developments and patient feedback to ensure we are on top of the latest developments and real feedback.
  • We are free of any corporate sales targets or contractual obligations from the lens manufacturers.
  • We can offer our recommendations based purely on which lens we feel will be best for you.

The Measurements

  • A varifocal is nothing without its measurements – even the best varifocal lens in the world will not work properly if it is not measured correctly.
  • Regular training and development mean our experienced dispensing team use manual and computerised techniques to get consistently accurate results.

The Aftercare

  • For new and existing wearers, we offer free aftercare checks with one of our experienced dispensing team after you have collected your glasses and for the life of the spectacles.
  • We won’t give up on you! We have found from experience that over 90% of varifocal problems could be resolved by slight adjustments to the frame, lens or prescription and people don’t need to give up on varifocals.