Varifocal Lenses

The latest in technology providing the clearest Varifocal vision

What is a varifocal?

A varifocal lens, also known as a Progressive Addition Lens (PAL), contains different powers across the surface of the lens. They are designed to give you clear vision straight ahead and reading vision when you look down to read – covering an intermediate power range inbetween that gives clear vision for mid-range tasks, such as a computer or musical score.

There is not one single design of varifocal, they can be made and formed in many different ways by lens companies, using different principles and technologies. More advanced lenses take multiple factors into consideration in the lens design, including the size, shape and fitting of your spectacle frames, to ensure a more personalised and accurate result.

Who is a varifocal lens for?

Up until about the age of forty, your eyes will ‘accommodate’ – naturally adapt to focus on objects at different distances. So a single vision lens is used to correct your distance vision and your eyes will work to allow you to see close-up.

Over the age of forty the eye starts to lose this ability to accommodate and needs a different prescription for seeing close-up objects. If you are short sighted you may find removing your distance spectacles allows you to see close-up clearly, if you are long sighted, you will need a stronger powered lens for seeing close-up.

Some people may need a separate close-up prescription at a younger age if their eye cannot accommodate fully or if they have had eye surgery including cataract operations. Your optometrist will advise during your eye examination.

Many people choose to use varifocals for the convenience of having a single pair that they can put on and wear all day, without having to remove the glasses or changing to a different pair. You may also consider traditional bifocal lenses, two or more pairs of single vision glasses, or even multifocal contact lenses.

Personalised Lens Consultation

If this is already sounding confusing, at Airedale Opticians we won’t leave you to choose lenses alone. Every spectacle wearer needs a different recommendation, based on your prescription, frame choice, work, hobbies and your current spectacles.

Our optometrists and dispensers have experience of a wide range of different lenses types and thousands of patient fittings, allowing us to provide the best recommendation for you. Call into the practice at any time to discuss lens options, if your last sight test was not with ourselves please bring a copy of your latest prescription to help us provide the best advice.

More about how we Do Varifocals Differently at Airedale Opticians

The Range of Lenses

Unlike basic single vision or bifocal lenses, there is no universal design for a varifocal lens, instead each manufacturer will design their own way to achieve comfortable reading and distance vision. More advanced designs require extra measurements to be supplied, along with your prescription, to allow a more personalised lens design.

At Airedale Opticians we work with a large number of lens manufacturers, allowing us to provide the widest range of lenses possible, covering the full scope of quality and price options. We are able to offer lenses to very high prescription powers, lenses suitable for extra large or very curved frames and special additions not readily available at other opticians – including Transitions Xtractive, mirrored finishes and polarised varifocals in a range of colours.

The Recommendations

We monitor new developments in the market and carefully take onboard feedback from our patients, to build up a detailed knowledge of which lenses work best for different prescriptions and different tasks. During our eye examinations or lens consultations, we ask lots of extra questions, to help us establish which varifocal lenses would be most suitable.

As an Independent Opticians we are free of any corporate sales targets or contractual obligations from the lens manufacturers, so we can offer our recommendations based purely on which lens we feel will be best for you.

The Measurements

A varifocal is nothing without its measurements – even the best varifocal lens in the world will not work properly if it is not measured correctly. When a varifocal is made, the position of your eye within the frame is essential to ensure that you are looking through the right parts of the design for distance, reading and intermediate vision. For more advanced lenses, the angles of the frame and the way it sits, is also factored into the design.

At Airedale Opticians, our staff are trained in these detailed measurements, we carry them out using manual and computerised methods to provide the most accurate results.