Professional Fees

Everyone’s eyesight is different, we tailor our eye examination to your individual needs.

All of our eye examinations and contact lens checks are performed by our GOC registered Optometrists owners – with over 10 years of experience. We have experienced, highly trained support staff who will see you at the beginning and end of your appointment – read more about our team here – if you would like an appointment with a particular Optometrist or Optical Advisor, just ask for them by name.

We only use GOC registered Optometrists with over 10 years’ experience in providing your Eyecare. Our FEEs reflect the greater Experience, Knowledge and Equipment we use.

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Eye Examination Types Professional Fees
Basic NHS Eye Test
If Eligible – The Basic Eye Test covers a vision and eye health check.
NHS-funded where eligible
Comprehensive Eye Examination
Includes detailed eye and health history, Glaucoma, AMD & Diabetic check, Visual Field Testing with advice on eye and vision health.
Advanced Eye Examination
As above – Includes 3D OCT Retinal Scan for Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration, Dilation (if required).
Private OCT Scan
At request of a Medical Practitioner or to provide an e-mail report.
Follow-up Check
E.g. Red Eye, Dry eye follow up,. Must have had EE with Airedale Opticians within 1 Month.
Student (NUS card)/Under 21 Private Eye Examination
A full eye examination for students with a valid NUS or Student ID card, or private patients 20 or under who are not otherwise eligible for an NHS examination.
Contact Lens Appointments. To get started with lenses, our suitability and trial appointments cover your initial appointment with the optometrist as well as your trial lenses, teaching appointments on how to safely use and wear your lenses and follow-ups with the optometrist to fine-tune the prescription and lens type if required. Fees vary to allow us to spend more time with more complex lenses to ensure you get the best possible vision. An in-date sight test, from within the last 12 months is required. See our contact lens pages for more information on our wide lens range. For patients on our contact lens plan, routine aftercare checks are free of charge. We can carry out aftercare checks on a private basis, an in-date eye exam is required.
Standard Soft Contact Lens Suitability and Trial
Includes fitting, teach, diagnostic lenses and up to 3 follow-up appointments.
Astigmatic or Extended Wear Contact Lens Suitability and Trial
Includes fitting, teach, diagnostic lenses and up to 3 follow up appointments.
Multifocal or Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lens Suitability and Trial
Due to their more complex nature and extra chair time needed, this covers up to 4 follow-up appointments.
Eyedream Ortho-K
Initial fitting appointment and three follow-ups. Requires an up to date eye examination.
Soft Contact Lens Check-Up Fitted by Airedale Opticians £30.00 private
Free for scheme customers.
RGP/Hard Lens Contact Lens Check-Up Fitted by Airedale Opticians £40.00
Soft Contact Lens Check-Up – own lenses
Requires an up to date eye examination.
RGP/Hard Lens Contact Lens Check-Up – own lenses
Requires an up to date eye examination.
Along with our detailed eye examinations, we are able to offer a variety of additional, supplementary, specialised tests to investigate further any concerns or problems with your vision. These tests are not eligible for NHS funding. In order to provide the best all-round care, these tests can only be booked within a certain period of your last full eye examination with ourselves – many eye problems can have many possible causes and we need to know the current overall health of the eye before we can look at certain elements in more detail.

Dry / Watery Eye Assessment and Follow Up
In depth assessment of tear duct drainage, including tear volume assessment, detailed anterior eye check and a treatment plan. Includes initial check and a follow-up appointment. A sight test with ourselves within the past 3 months is required.
See our dry eye page for more details.
Visual Stress Test / Coloured Overlay Assessment
A test to identify coloured overlays that can alleviate symptoms of visual stress, dyslexia and Irlen’s Syndrome. The price includes an overlay if appropriate and a follow up appointment. Tinted glasses can be recommended at further appointments, see our visual stress test page for more information. A sight test with ourselves within the past 3 months is required.
Repeat visual field, repeat IOP (eye pressure test)
Cycloplegic/Dilation Eye Drops
Eye Lashes Removal
Requires an in-date eye examination from ourselves.
During an eye examination or a supplementary dry eye check, the optometrist may recommend further treatment which can be carried out in practice, the fees for these are below. These procedures are only available on recommendation from our optometrists, please book in for a Dry Eye consultation if you would like to discuss any of these with an optometrist.
Blephex Treatment & Follow Up
One session of Blephex treatment for Blepharitis, includes the procedure and a follow-up appointment. See our Blephex page for more information.
Tear Duct Syringing
Checks tear drainage.
Tear Duct Plugs Fitting
3 Month Temporary Plugs
Tear Duct Plugs Fitting
6 Month Temporary Plugs
Tear Duct Plugs Fitting
Permanent Plugs
Paperwork fees. These fees represent the time and professional indemnity insurance required for their completion. Some forms may require additional sight test elements, these are chargeable as above. Forms should be presented before the eye examination, ideally on booking, to ensure that we are able to carry out all of the required tests.
Report Writing Fee
Including DVLA/HGV/Medical/Job Applications and Post Cataract Report Fee.
Complicated Medical Forms
Includes forms requiring Ishihara colour perception testing or specific visual field testing. Must be presented before the eye examination.
Repeat copies of prescription forms
Fee for the re-issuing of a sight test prescription or contact lens specification. An initial copy will always be provided at no charge at the end of an eye examination.