Single Vision Lenses

Bringing new digital technology to the single vision lens

Single vision lenses are the starting point for most spectacle wearers – for most patients under forty they are the standard choice, offering clear vision at all distances – over the age of forty, as the eye starts to need a different prescription for close-up vision, single vision lenses can provide clear vision for reading or distance. While the traditional single vision design dates back a hundred years, new technological advances in lens design have introduced more sophisticated options that can help to provide clearer and more comfortable vision in a variety of situations.

Personalised Lens Consultation

At Airedale Opticians we won’t leave you to choose lenses alone, there are many lenses available and every spectacle wearer has a different recommendation based on your prescription, frame choice and when you need to wear your glasses. Our optometrists and dispensers have experience of hundreds of different lenses, allowing us to provide the best recommendation for you. Call into the practice at any time to discuss lens options, if your last sight test was not with ourselves please bring a copy of your latest prescription to help us provide the best advice.

Freeform Single Vision Lenses

A standard single vision lens is designed to provide clear vision only as you look straight ahead through the middle of the lens, but looking towards the edges of your glasses can provide unclear vision and distortion, particularly if you have a strong prescription.

Freeform lenses are digitally designed using the latest technology. Based on your prescription, the frames you have chosen and our careful measurements, they are designed to provide clear vision all the way to the edge of the lens.

EyeZen Single Vision Lenses

The latest technological advance from Essilor, the EyeZen lens is a single vision lens designed for the modern world. For patients between late teens and early forties, who do no need a separate reading prescription, it eases strain on the eyes when using arm’s length devices like smartphones and tablets. A small change in power at the bottom of the lens helps reduce strain on the eyes when carrying out close-up tasks, while still giving clear distance vision for all-day wear.

The lenses include the newest Eyeprotect system, an invisible layer within the lens that filters out harmful blue light radiation from LCD screens which can affect sleep patterns and may contribute to long term eye problems.

Enhanced Reading Lenses

If you require a different prescription for reading and distance, single vision reading glasses have to be set for a fixed reading distance. While this is fine if you only read at one distance, if you like to read from a newspaper, book, magazine and tablet computer or smartphone, you will find that you read at different distances and some might not be as clear.

Enhanced reading lenses include a slight variation in strength across the lens, allowing comfortable reading from close-up to arms-length.

Protect your eyes and your lenses with our advanced coating options.

Our Platinum Plus 5-in-1 anti-reflection and anti-scratch lenses

All of our core lenses are available with a Platinum Plus finish, providing you with the most advanced surfacing for your lenses and helping to ensure the clarity of your vision.

  • Anti-Reflective layer – a must have on glasses, this cuts down the reflections created by spectacles both for people looking at you and when you are looking out – it is particularly useful for night driving where car headlight glare can be a major issue.
  • Anti-Smudge – an oleophobic layer, similar to that used on touch-screen phones, ensures that fingerprints do not build up on your lenses and are easily cleaning using a soft cloth.
  • Guaranteed Anti-Scratch layer – nothing is worse than having scratches on your lenses, so our Platinum Plus finish comes with a strong scratch resistant layer, but if you still manage to get scratches on your lenses, you can take advantage of our no quibble two year replacement guarantee – all you need to do is return the glasses to us and we will replace the lenses free of charge, any number of times during the two years after the glasses are ordered.
  • Dust repellence – anti-static layers help to stop dust from sticking to your lenses and make them easy to keep clean using your cleaning cloth.
  • Water repellence
Blue Light Lenses

Digital technology is all around us and the vast majority of digital displays, such as those found on an smartphone or tablet computer, use blue light. This light has been associated with affecting sleep patterns, causing eye strain and putting the eyes at increased risk of conditions including cataracts and Macular Degeneration. Lenses with a blue light filter will cut down some of the most harmful amounts of blue light and help to keep the eyes comfortable and healthy.

Blue Light lenses are available for children and highly recommended to help protect the eyes for a lifetime of digital use. Ask during their eye examination for more information.

Drivesafe Lenses

A new technology launched in 2016 by Carl Zeiss Vision, the DriveSafe lenses are designed to make driving more comfortable, particularly in low lighting conditions when modern, blue headlights can prove dazzling for spectacle wearers. By cutting out the glare-inducing blue light wavelengths, they provide clearer vision for evening and night driving, without affecting the everyday performance of the lenses.

DriveSafe is available on single vison lenses, or a dedicated driving varifocal – the first in the world – offering optimum vision for viewing the road and the instruments, while giving sufficient reading vision to make the lens useful at home and work as well.

Light 2 Dark Lenses

Light 2 Dark photochromic technology reacts to UV light to make your lenses go darker in sunlight, but clear indoors and at night. The lenses block 100% of UV light, giving your eyes full protection at all times. The technology is available on most of our lens ranges, including varifocals, ultrathin and ultratough lens materials as well as select bifocals and even office lenses, ask in practice for more details and a demonstration of the technology.

Light 2 Dark Lenses

Light 2 Dark: Classic – the traditional design, now available in grey, brown and green. The technology is being continually improved and the lenses transition quickly between light and dark to give you the best possible vision.

Light 2 XtraDark – for people with light sensitivity, the new XtraDark lenses go a shade darker in full sunlight than the classic design, will transition to a 50% tint even behind a car windscreen and have a slight tint at all times to provide extra comfort from harsh indoor lighting. Available in grey in many lens designs and brown and green on select lenses.


Drivewear – a dedicated lens for drivers, the lens carries a contrast improving amber tint at all times, ideal for driving in all daytime and evening conditions. In bright sunlight the lens will darken behind a windscreen to reduce glare and provide clear vision. The lens is designed to replace sunglasses for driving and is not suitable for night driving. Available in prescription as well as ready-made non-prescription sunglasses.