OCT and Optomap Retinal Imaging

The most detailed examination of the health of the eye

Eye Scans at Airedale Opticians

We offer two powerful eye scans – the 3D OCT and the Optos Optomap Ultrawide scan. These machines look deeply into the eye to provide a detailed and permanent record of your eye health.

Why Should I Have an Eye Scan?

  • It allows us to detect eye conditions that might otherwise not be visible.
  • It allows us to directly compare scans year-on-year to spot tiny changes.
  • It allows us to monitor known eye conditions in great detail.

What does Airedale Opticians do differently?

  • We allow an extra 10 minutes on your appointment if you have a scan, giving the optometrist time to carefully analyse the information.
  • We have been offering scans since 2011, giving our optometrists great experience interpreting the detail that it provides.
  • This allows us to detect serious eye conditions from even the smallest signs.
  • We are also familiar with conditions that may look dramatic but are infact routine and avoiding unnecessary stress and hospital referrals.