Contact Lenses

With the latest technology, over 95% of spectacle wearers can now wear contact lenses.

Contact Lens Ranges – Soft, Hard & Specialist

At Airedale Opticians, we can supply contact lenses from all of the major brands, covering daily and re-usable, soft and hard type lenses as well as multifocal and coloured designs.

Soft lenses

We provide all of the world’s most popular soft lens brands, including Acuvue Oasys and TruEye from Johnson and Johnson, MyDay and Clariti from Coopervision, Air Optix and Total 1 Day from Alcon and the Softlens lenses from Bausch and Lomb.

Many of these designs, both daily and monthly replacement lenses, come in toric design for patients with astigmatism and in multifocal designs, which work like a varifocal spectacle lens, allowing you to see close-up and in the distance.

Specialist soft lenses

If you need a strong or unusual strength soft lens, we use several independent specialist suppliers including Mark’ennovy range, who offer a uniquely wide range of powers, opening up contact lenses to people who may have been told that they are not suitable to wear them before. Their new Versa One Day toric comes in over 35,000 different prescriptions and is only available locally at Airedale Opticians.

If you like to change the colour of your eyes, the Freshlook and Air Optix Colours lenses, combine the high quality of an optical contact lens with a range of natural looking colours in a daily and re-usable lens form.

Hard – RGP and Scleral Lenses

We can fit, supply and provide aftercare for the wide selection of hard lenses, including RGP, PMMA and scleral lenses. RGP lenses are traditional hard lens designs that now use the latest technology for breathability and comfort – still worn by many people, they can be more comfortable for some wearers, as well as providing wider power ranges than many soft lenses.

Scleral lenses are a specially designed lens type that sits over the front of your eye, often used as medical contact lenses they are very useful for patients suffering from keratoconus or irregular corneas. As the lens fits in front of the cornea, the gap inbetween fills with natural tears, making the lenses excellent for those with severe dry eye as the tears naturally lubricate the eye throughout the day. Scleral and hybrid lenses also have the widest power range of all contact lenses.

We are happy to advise on which lenses are most suitable for you – even if you have previously been told that contact lenses are not suitable for your prescription or your eyes. Call into practice any time with your latest prescription.

Getting Started with Contact Lenses

If you are wanting to try contact lenses for the first time, the vast range of options available can be daunting. At Airedale Opticians we are here to help find the lenses that are most suitable for you, considering how often you plan to wear them, how long you will be wearing them for and the health of your eyes.

We allow extra time for our contact lens suitability and trial appointments, allowing us the time to talk over what you want out of your contact lenses so that we can find a design that is best for you. We will teach you how to safely handle, insert, remove and clean your lenses – this can sometimes take a few appointments, but you will have a dedicated member of staff happy to provide assistance and advice throughout. When we are happy that you can safely use the lenses, you will take a trial set home with you to try out at work or play. We then follow-up with a full contact lens check appointment after two weeks, inclusive in your package, allowing us to check the vision and fit of the lenses and if all is healthy, sign you off to start wearing lenses as you wish.

To book a new lens wearer appointment you will require a valid sight test dated within the last year, if this is from elsewhere, we will ask you to e-mail or drop off a copy so that we can have the correct lenses available for your appointment. Different prices may apply to the appointment depending on your prescription requirements, see our fees page or contact us for more information.

Contact lens brands
Contact lens pictures

Contact Lenses for Children – Our Speciality

At Airedale Opticians we specialise in fitting contact lenses for children. There is no minimum age for wearing contact lenses, we see many teenagers and children as young as eight, all of whom have happily taken to contact lenses.

For children who play a lot of sports – particularly contact sports like rugby or martial arts – or perhaps feel self-conscious about their glasses, or just want the freedom of not having to wear glasses all of the time, contact lenses can make a big difference. Many parents have told us that their child’s lenses have boosted their activities, improved their self-esteem and allowed them to become far more socially confident .

The most important consideration is whether they are mature and motivated enough to wear and care for their lenses properly. Wearing contact lenses involves a little more effort than wearing glasses, they require particularly good hygiene and care. During an eye examination or contact lens trial appointment, our optometrist will discuss the requirements and help you to decide if your child is suitable. The contact lens trial period also allows us to assess how they are handling the lenses. We always have a child’s health as our primary consideration and we will recommend stopping lenses if we have any concerns.

Payment and Aftercare Scheme

Keep things convenient and save money with our flexible contact lens payment scheme. New and existing lens wearers can sign up to monthly direct debits for all lens types.


For daily lens wearers, you can choose to receive quarterly deliveries with 30, 60 or 90 pairs of lenses to suit your wearing schedule. You can order extra boxes or change your order volume at any time.

For re-usable wearers, you can can choose to receive your lenses with your preferred cleaning solution and save on the retail price. You can also order occasional boxes of daily lenses for holidays, water-sports and other activities.

Safe and Healthy Eyes

Our priority at Airedale Opticians is the health of your eyes, so patients on our lens scheme receive routine and emergency contact lens checks and our thorough eye examinations free of charge as required.

We provide free replacements in case you damage or tear your lenses. In many cases we can provide these immediately in the practice.

Try the Newest Lenses

At Airedale Opticians we like to adopt the latest developments to give you the best experience. Contact lens firms regularly bring out new and improved lens designs and you can trial these free of charge at your lens appointments. We will also offer free trials of different lens designs, including astigmatic and multifocal lenses if these may improve your comfort or vision.

Special Discounts

We recommend all contact lens wearers also keep a pair of up-to-date glasses and so all scheme customers receive 25% off the total price of any number of prescription spectacles and sunglasses. Treat yourself to some non-prescription designer sunglasses to wear over your contact lenses, or why not treat someone else too, your 25% discount applies to any number of Ray-Ban, Vogue, Bulgari, Prada or Etnia sunglasses and one pair of Oakley sunglasses per year.