Contact Lenses

With the latest technology, over 95% of spectacle wearers can now wear contact lenses.

Contact Lenses at Airedale Opticians

At Airedale Opticians, we can supply contact lenses from all of the major brands, covering daily and re-usable, soft and hard type lenses as well as multifocal and coloured designs so over 95% of patients can find a lens to suit them.

Why Choose Airedale Opticians?

  • Expert Fitting – our lead optometrist Mohammed is a trained Contact Lens Optician with over 15 years experience fitting all types of contact lenses.
  • Experienced Teaching – new and returning contact lens wearers are taught by one of our Dispensing Opticians with over 8 years experience teaching contact lens wear to patients from 8 to 80.
  • Top Quality Aftercare – all contact lens follow-up appointments are performed by one of our experienced optometrists with great experience in vision and health issues.
  • Widest Range of contact lenses – as an independent practice we are not bound by any contracts or preferred supplier deals – we can source the most suitable lens for each patient from any UK supplier.

Contact Lenses for Children

We regularly fit contact lenses for children, including pre-teens and have great experience fitting and teaching contact lens wear for young patients.

We can offer specialist lenses for children including Myopia Control and Ortho-K lenses

Specialist soft lenses

If you need a strong or unusual strength soft lens, we use several independent specialist suppliers including the Mark’ennovy range, who offer a uniquely wide range of powers, opening up contact lenses to people who may have been told that they are not suitable to wear them before.

Hard – RGP and Scleral Lenses

We can fit, supply and provide aftercare for the wide selection of hard lenses, including RGP, PMMA and scleral lenses. We use a topographer to calculate precise measurements for made-to-fit lenses.

Scleral lenses are a specially designed lens type that sits over the front of your eye, often used as medical contact lenses they are very useful for patients suffering from keratoconus or irregular corneas. Scleral and hybrid lenses also have the widest power range of all contact lenses.

Regular Payment Scheme

For full time or occasional contact lens wear, our contact lens scheme offers regular direct debit payments for convenience and now includes home delivery of your lenses.

Scheme membership includes free lens aftercare and advanced eye examinations as well as discounted contact lens solutions and spectacles.