Eye Dream Orthokeratology

Wear contact lenses overnight for perfect vision all day long

What is Eye Dream Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, Overnight Vision Correction or Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), is a process where the front surface (cornea) of the eye is temporarily reshaped by wearing specially fitted contact lenses overnight, giving you clear vision without glasses or contact lenses during the following day.

Around 60% of your eye’s focusing ability occurs at the cornea – this is a very precise part of the eye and tiny changes in its shape can make big changes to your vision. The Eye Dream lens is specially made to precisely fit onto the surface of your eye and puts very slight pressure on the cornea to gently reshape it while you sleep. When you wake-up, this fractional change to the front surface of your eye will compensate for your short-sightedness and grant you clear vision for the full day. The process causes no long term changes to the eye and if you stop wearing the lenses overnight, the eye will revert back to your normal (short-sighted) vision within three days.

The lenses are used to correct short-sightedness (myopia) and will work best with prescriptions between -0.75D and -4.50D, with astigmatism of up to -2.50D, although higher prescriptions can be considered as well – please feel free to call us or pop into practice with your latest eye test or contact lens specification, to enquire about your suitability.

Who can benefit from Ortho-K Lenses?

People from all walks of life have found Orthokeratology to be an ideal solution for them. For spectacle wearers it offers a freedom from having to wear glasses all day – particularly if you enjoy participating in sports, if you work in physical environments and find glasses get in the way or if you simply do not enjoy wearing glasses, Eyedream lenses will allow you to leave your spectacles at home.

If you currently wear contact lenses during the day, or have tried contact lenses but found them uncomfortable after a full day of wear, overnight Eyedream lenses can offer advantages. Since you only wear the lenses for around 8 hours of sleep, rather than 16 hours of waking time, people experience less discomfort and dryness. This is a real advantage if you work in air-conditioned, dry or smokey environments that can cause normal soft contact lenses to dry out.

Ortho-K gives more peace of mind over normal lens wear – you never need to worry about your contact lenses tearing or falling out during the day. People who enjoy swimming and watersports will appreciate the freedom of not having to worry about lenses being washed our or contaminated. Patients working in on-call jobs appreciate that they can just pop their lenses out and go, without having to worry about finding and putting in their lenses in a hurry – new parents or carers on full-time call will even find that they can see clearly in their lenses and will not have to take them out if they have to get up briefly during the night.

Can children wear Eyedream lenses?

Ortho-K lenses are certainly suitable for children and there is no minimum age – the main factor for suitability is whether a child is able to safely and hygienically handle and store the lenses. Our optometrists are experienced in fitting contact lenses for children and will be happy to advise on their suitability during an eye test.

As well as the freedom of not needing to wear spectacles, allowing your child to freely take part in sports and activities during the day, Ortho-K lenses can be safer than normal contact lenses – since they never leave the house, there is no risk of them being torn or lost during the day.

Recent studies have shown that the corrective design of Ortho-K lenses may actually help to reduce prescription changes in a young eye and long-term wear might limit worsening short-sightedness (progressive myopia), giving life-long benefits.

Is Orthokeratology Safe?

Orthokeratology is widely used across the UK, Europe and the USA, it is a non-invasive process that is completely reversible – unlike surgical options the alterations to your cornea are temporary and if you choose to stop wearing the lenses at any time, the eye will revert back to its original state in around three days. Ortho-K has been practised since the 1970s and no long term side effects have been found either for long-term wearers or for those have used and then chosen to stop wearing the lenses. Provided that you follow the simple guidelines to clean and store the lenses properly, the system has proven to be very safe.

We have researched the different designs available and chosen to use the high quality Eye Dream orthokeratology system, which includes the measurement techniques, lenses and a detailed training programme for our Optometrists. It is a proven system used by thousands of happy patients across the UK. The lenses used are made from the highest quality Boston XO™ material, which allows the eye to receive plenty of oxygen while you are wearing them.

How do I get Eyedream Lenses?

To get started we will need an eye examination, this allows us to check that we have your most up to date prescription and will allow us to check your suitability to proceed with the lenses. If you have had a sight test with Airedale Opticians in the last three months you will not need a new test.

The first step for the Eyedream lenses are the measurements, we use corneal topographer to precisely measure the front surface of your eye, without touching it. The lenses will then be ordered to your exact specifications, when these arrive, we will see you to check the fit, check your vision and teach you how to comfortably and safely insert and remove the lenses. You can then take the lenses to wear at home. We will book you in for a follow-up appointment two weeks later to see how you are progressing, if all is okay then you can go ahead and wear the lenses every night. All of these appointments are covered by our initial fitting fee – see our professional fees page for details.